Retail Tubs

Retail Tub

Keep items protected with durable retail and manufacturing handling containers from GPI. Our rugged polyethylene construction:

  • provides superior protection.
  • withstands years of handling.
  • is light enough to reduce worker strain.
Thread on Finger

Stop snags. Prevent snags and work injuries with our rounded corners.

Reduce Storage

Save space. GPI tubs nest inside each other. Their lightweight and sturdy build means you can stack many containers within tight areas, giving you more valuable floor space.


Keep it moving. Keep it put. This tote has a flat exterior bottom that allows for easy sliding on smooth surfaces. It also has a diamond texture interior that helps stabilize shifting items.


Look good. Customize your storage and conveyor containers. Smooth sides make these tubs easy to label.


Need containers in a hurry? Need just a few? Ask about our in-stock tubs.