Railroad Handling Containers

Railroad Handling Container

Get the most out of your shipping with GPI’s multi-cell transportation container. The ideal combination of flexibility and strength, these railroad containers save you time and costs.

Reconfigure on the Fly

Reconfigure on the fly. Eliminate logistic nightmares and stress that come from repacking or spaces left empty. GPI’s unique multi-cell design can be quickly and easily changed to accommodate and protect items of different sizes.

Ship More

Ship more. These rugged containers are made to be safely stacked, getting the most out of your shipping space.

Reduce Weight

Reduce shipping weight. Made from durable and maintenance-free polyethylene, GPI’s railway containers are lighter than comparable wood or metal containers.

Reduce Storage

Reduce storage. When the latches on the side panels are pulled, the tubs collapse for flat storage.


Look good. Customize containers to your needs, right down to adding your logo.