Health Care

Patient Transfer Board

Transfer Board

Reduce the risk of back injuries when moving or re-positioning patients. GPI’s patient transfer board is made with rugged polyethylene. This makes it lightweight, yet durable and maintenance-free. This transfer board:

  • is ideal for first responders, hospitals, and nursing homes.
  • has 6 built-in handles for easier insertion and removal.
  • withstands years of handling.
  • is light enough to reduce worker strain.

Slides in any direction. The ultra-smooth surface and built-in handles makes sure the board goes where you want it to go.

Reduce Storage

Easy to clean. Easy to store. GPI works to make your patient boards hassle-free. They are smooth enough to wipe clean and thin enough to fit in tight spaces.


Prevent loss and misplacement. These texture-free boards are ideal for permanent property labels.