Airline Baggage Handling Containers

Airline Security Tub

Keep luggage and personal items protected with durable airline baggage handling containers from GPI. Our rugged polyethylene construction:

  • provides superior protection.
  • withstands years of handling.
  • is light enough to reduce worker strain.
  • comes with optional drain holes to better protect items and reduce weight.
Reduce Storage

Save space. GPI containers nest inside each other. Their lightweight and sturdy build means you can stack many containers within tight areas, giving you more valuable floor space.


Keep it moving. Does your team stop the workflow to shift weight or realign tubs? GPI tubs are designed to work on both belts and smooth surfaces. Our rounded corners prevent snags, while interior grooves reduce shifting items. GPI’s optional cut-away container also keeps oversized items, such as golf bags, from tipping and creating blockages.


Look good. Customize containers to your needs, right down to adding your logo.


Need containers in a hurry? Need just a few containers? Ask about our in-stock tubs.